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Inputs for the Cluster PAD Program

Following are a selection of input files for the PAD program suite: Cluster program, Path-Forward. The files should be saved and renamed as pad-inpt.dat for use with PAD1.F. See the notes, below for more details.

Sample Input Files

Auger electron diffraction of adsorbate on an ordered surface. Photoelectron diffraction of a surface, one file for each layer added to total result. Auger electron diffraction of a surface, one file for each possible emission channel. First layer given, only.


INPUT: pad-inpt.dat
OUTPUT: include.out, phs-rt.out, cluster.out, fort.31

COMPILED USING: include.out
INPUT: phs-rt.out, cluster.out
OUTPUT: tot.dat

COMPILED USING: include.out
INPUT:cluster.out, tot.out

Created: January 02, 2002 --- Last Updated: January 02, 2002
By Mark D. Pauli