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PRPAD Program Code

This is the working BETA version of the path-reverse PAD program and the modified SATLEED libraries it makes use of. The prpad program is being developed by M. D. Pauli, A. Wander, and D. K. Saldin based as reported in Physical Review B 64 (2001). See the short descriptions for each part.

  • prpad.v03.4.f
    Path-Reversed Layer Calculation of Diffraction Intensities
    Reads in layer description of structure and calculates multiple scattering diffraction intensities. The code is still at the stage where it requires manual editting to set various values; i.e. which layer you desire to extract data from for calculating intensities is controlled by if statements.
  • leedsatl.sb1.v03.4.2001.08.f
  • leedsatl.sb12.v03.4.2001.08.f
  • README.leedsat0.txt
  • README.leedsatl.txt
  • Subroutines from SATLEED used by prpad.f
    SB1 subroutines are those required only by TLEED1, SB12 subroutines are those required by both TLEED1 and TLEED2.
    Original versions obtained from M.A. Van Hove at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Version 4.1 of the Barbieri/M.A. Van Hove Symmetrized Automated Tensor LEED package. See LBNL Surface Theory group.

  • Running the Code Suite
    An example Makefile useful for running the program.
  • Created: January 03, 2002 --- Last Updated: January 03, 2002
    By Mark D. Pauli