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Code Compilation

This is a sample command for Unix computer systems to compile mufpot.v02.f, creating an executable of the name mufpot.v02. The compilation option is set for -O2 level of optimizations, which is a reasonable mid-level on most systems. On a SGI Indigo2, no difference was found in the output generated by compiling with various levels of optimization. In general, -O2 is usually safe to use, stopping short of optimizations that may reduce floating point accuracy.  Additionally, the compilation is given the -64 flag to produce a 64 bit capable binary executable.

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Created: April 7, 1999 ---- Last Updated: April 13, 1999
By Mark D. Pauli

f77 -64 -O2 -o mufpot.v02 mufpot.v02.f