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Inputs for the Herman-Skillman Program

Following are a selection of input files for the program. If the element you are interested in is listed, you can directly use that file. Otherwise, the given files should provide adequate demonstration of how an input file must be organized. Since the program is self-consistent, be aware that you can create any input file you desire by extrapolating the potential from these examples. See the Notes, below. Starting values for the energies are available from this site.

Sample Input Files

These are for program versions v04 and above except for the one file given for Carbon for program version v03. Test Case Input Files:


110 point Abridged Potentials:
If you do not have a source for the 110 pt. potential, you can either use two of the potentials given and make use of input KEY=2 form or you can extrapolate an approximate potential from an element with a Z value close to the element you are interested in and use this as your trial potential. For a refined result, it is recommended that you take the output potential generated by this trial method and use it as the new input potential for the refined run.

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By Mark D. Pauli